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The History of the Game of Poker

When, and indeed where, did the game of poker start? Well that is unfortunately a question to which there is no absolute answer. The history of poker goes back as far as the 1800’s, the name “Poker” coming from the French “poque”, a variation on the English word “play”. However the game of poker did not receive the respect it deserves and was seen as a weak pastime by the upper classes. When the law came in placing limits on the amount that gamblers could wager, the game took on a life of its own, going underground. Cryptologic, the company who ran the Las Vegas casinos, fought tooth and nail to have poker remain underground, confident that if allowed to operate poker would see an explosion in the number of players. They were not successful in their bid to keep it out of the casinos.

The History of the Game of Poker

Online poker sites have allowed players from all around the world to gather around the old standard in a virtual poker room and play a game that many feel has been ignored by online operators. It has become one of the most widely played formats on the net, and is an invaluable learning tool for those wanting to play poker, or those who simply want to understand how the game works. No matter the level of play, whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, the free poker option will always be there, ready to play the game and allowing players to practice the various different moves without risk.

Of course many of the same people that brought poker into the world’s attention with the introduction of the game in Las Vegas over a century ago are still sharpening their skills at the game. These include generations of eager amateur players who are enjoying an up-to-date version of poker that can be played on the net from the comfort of home. And while the world has evolved in many different ways, the game of poker has certainly not. The game of poker has stayed exactly the same since poker started taking in gamblers all around the world.

The game of poker has certainly evolved since poker started taking in gamblers all around the world. Online poker has allowed players from all around the world to gather in virtual poker rooms and play a game that many feel has been overlooked by online gambling establishments. Removing the house element from the game allows players to achieve the level of play that they desire with the necessary skills to win.

Online poker has removed the many dangers of going to a brick and mortar casino. Today you can sit in the comforting knowledge that you will have the money you want to spend, your winnings will be safe, and you will be able to enjoy the game of poker in the privacy of your own home.

Texas Holdem Poker is still essentially a game of chance, but it is a game in which the player has a greater element of skill. If you are interested in improving your poker game, or in particular, you want to learn how to play Texas Holdem Poker, the Internet is a great place to start. There is no more need to hire a poker dealer or to travel to a casino, but all you need to get started is a computer and an Internet connection, and you will be playing in just a matter of minutes.

As players have become more skilled, unforeseen intricacies have arises. The element of skill will always prevail, but it will be harder to make money. Based on the number of people online at any given time, it is evident that many are not skilled players. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, online poker can be your new found passion.