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Heads Up Poker Strategy – 3 Ultimate Tips

3 Ultimate Tips

Here are few tips you can use heads up poker to win more money.

Playing heads up is the best way in learning to play Texas Holdem perfectly. The number of players is smaller and the mix of players is more used since it’s easier to get a good hand against fewer people. Use this to your advantage so you can play and get a good hand more often.

Just remember that even if you are an aggressive player that’s what you should do but I know that you can’t resist getting a good hand so keep trying.

Heads Up Poker Strategy – 3 Ultimate Tips

Hands to play in heads up are as follows:

You can play some hands that are really poor but the odds of you winning against 1 opponent is much higher than the chances of you winning against more than one.

If you have suited cards like 5-6 you can play in heads up as you’ll probably be successful more than you are in playing a six deck game.

If you got a good starting hand as standard you can play it in heads up.

Fold when you hit below a pair. You can use the opportunity to pick up an extra bet in the future if you have a good hand.

If you’ve got a good hand play all the possible hands in heads up.

In betting, if you are betting first use “forced bets”. You put in a small amount to see if the other players are going to fold.

If they fold, you put in a larger amount – raise to try and keep them in.

You don’t want to be giving away a lot of your chips so start stopped the betting and wait for your opportunity.

If you think you have a good hand and your opponent is confident too that he can beat your hand then don’t bet, you should fold.

If they fold and the turn has a better card then your opponents hand – you should call to try and exploit this but if you do then you have a good hand to start with.

Don’t bluff at the game.

If you’ve got a good hand you can let your opponent know this by betting.

But be careful not toame out. This is risky as you might make your hand and then you’ll have less chips to play with.

For example, you have a 6s blackjack and the player next to you keeps betting the word “seven” at the same time. You know you haveyou have the blackjack but you don’t know if he’s just bluffing. It’s OK to keep going.

Next time you have the same situation, just bet and your opponent might just fold.

Don’t play three or more hands in a row.

It’s hard to get a good hand when you play three or more hands. Your opponents might think you have nothing a lot of times and they might be right. Try to focus on the game at hand.